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    Welcome to the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge Marketplace. Here you can explore the cities and communities of the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge, learn about the successfully deployed solutions which might be relevant to your city, or showcase the successful best practices of your city or community.

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  • Aarhus

    Aarhus has a well-educated labour force along with R&D environments of high international class, which in conjunction with a well-developed infrastructure and a range of business strengths are contributing to the city being a unique and attractive place for investments. Aarhus is the right place for businesses who want to deliver solutions of the future. The city’s innovation capacity is recognised internationally and the city has been finalist in the European Capital of Innovation Awards for 2017 and 2018.

  • Alicante

  • Cork

    Located on the south coast of Ireland, Cork City is the second largest city in Ireland and second largest English-speaking city in the European Union. Cork City is the key economic driver of the southern region of Ireland and has a population of over 210,000 people.

  • Espoo

    Espoo is the second largest city and the fastest-growing city in Finland, located next to the capital city of Helsinki. A diverse city of more than 289,000 people, Espoo is a home to 150 nationalities and 680 international companies. While most European cities reminiscent of the Middle Ages have one city centre, Espoo is truly a network city comprising five city centres.

  • Porto

    The city of Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and the ‘capital’ of the Northern region, which is the heart of industry in the country.

  • Botosani

    Botosani, located in north east Romania, is a living cultural heritage. The city is the birthplace of many celebrated Romanians such as Mihai Eminescu, a Romanian poet, and Nicolae Iorga, one of Romania’s most important historians.

  • Gdansk

  • Karlskrona

    Karlskrona, a city spread over 30 islands, is one of Sweden’s hidden gems. Karlskrona is Sweden’s only baroque city, some parts of the city are protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Alcoy

    Alcoy is a blooming city situated in the Alicante province in Spain. The city’s rich history can be explored with different guided tours that will lead you around the city.

  • Mantova

    In between three artificial lakes lies Mantova. With its medieval and renaissance cityscape it is a perfect place for tourists to explore and enjoy what Northern Italy has to offer.

  • L'Aquila

    L’Aquila is the capital of the Abruzzo Region in central Italy. It is located near the Aterno River and is surrounded by the Apennines. L’Aquila is a modern college town, but its long history is not forgotten.

  • Amsterdam Metropolitan Region

    The Amsterdam Region is comprised of 32 municipalities and two provinces (North Holland and Flevoland). Around 2.5 million people, approximately 14% of the Dutch population, live within the Amsterdam Region.

  • Geneva

    Enclaved in between water and mountain lies Switzerland’s second largest city, Geneva. Geneva is a diverse and modern city.

  • Hamburg

    The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and Europe’s third largest port. Hamburg is a huge and modern city, despite this you won’t see a skyscraper disturb the skyline of the city. Hamburg has been around since a long time and showcases its history through the various architectural styles you can find in the city.

  • Barcelona

    In the northeast of Spain lies Barcelona, capital city of Catalonia. Barcelona is a major cultural, economic and financial centre. The old city centre has many buildings that date back to medieval times, which shows how long the city has been around.

  • Ljubjana

    Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia, this beautiful city is located in between the Alps and the Karst. Ljubljana is an important cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative centre in Slovenia.

  • Budapest

    Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The Queen of the Danube is an architectural gem, with its frivolous buildings, bridges and squares is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the world.

  • Sofia

    Sofia is the capital and most populous city of Bulgaria. Sofia’s population exceeds 1.3 million, 1.6 million within the surrounding region, over an area of 492 km², making it the 14th largest city in the European Union. Sofia is a city with a very eclectic style.

  • Derry City

    Derry City and Strabane District Council area comprises the second largest city in Northern Ireland and the fourth largest city on the Island of Ireland. Derry~Londonderry is the ‘Capital of the North West’ and is at the core of the only functional economic city region of its scale which straddles the border into the Republic of Ireland.

  • Slovenj Gradec

    The Municipality of Slovenj Gradec considers the following prospects for development in the field of smart cities:

  • Torrent

    Torrent is a municipality in the province of Valencia, located 9 kilometers from the capital and just 15 kilometers from the sea, which has more than 80,000 inhabitants in an area of 69.32 km², framed by the El Vedat forest area.

  • Celje

    With a population of 50,000, Celje is Slovenia's third largest city. It is a major business, educational, cultural, and healthcare hub of the Savinja region.

  • Las Rozas

    Las Rozas is a municipality located in the northwest suburbs of Madrid region, halfway between the capital city and the National Park “Cumbres de la Sierra de Guadarrama”, with a high standard of well-being, magnificent services, high education rates and a spectacular green environment. Our city is determined to become a center of urban innovation.

  • Smart Mobile Pedestrian Counters for Events

    Installation of PYRO – BOX SMART mobile pedestrian counters and associated training and licensing costs. The counters are capable of operating accurately and reliably in all weather conditions and of being re-located for specific events and locations as required.

  • Let's Improve Maribor - Izboljšajmo Maribor

    "Izboljšajmo Maribor - Let's Improve Maribor" is an interactive web service for submitting initiaitves and issues to the Municipality of Maribor. Its purpose is to facilitate citizens' contact with the local community.

  • Javne službe Ptuj

  • DAT - CON d.o.o.

  • Remote / Smart Water Meters Maribor

    Municipality of Maribor's public company Maribor Water Supply has already installed over 30.000 remote smart water meters for the actual water consumption in households, companies and other institutions in Municipality of Maribor.

  • Mariborski Vodovod

  • Traffic Technology Ltd

  • Pyro Box

    Pyro Box counters are capable of operating accurately and reliably in all weather conditions and of being re-located for specific events and locations as required.

  • Healthy Routes App

    Remote sensing is a technique of acquiring data from the Earth's surface from sensors installed on space platforms through the electromagnetic interaction between the field and the sensor.

  • Green Urban Data

  • APP Healthiest Routes

    Healthies Routes App shows you the healthiest routes to move around your city. Athletes, people who suffer from allergies, people with reduced mobility or any citizen can find the path that best suits their needs

  • SaaS Environmental Indicators

    Software to obtain quickly and reliably the most relevant environmental indicators of your municipality.

  • Safe & Healthy Routes to School

    This project combines the traditional actions used for the implementation of school paths (design of optimal routes for girls and boys, horizontal signage, vertical signage) with new technologies to improve the safety of the routes and give confidence to the parents for their children to use.

  • ESam Technologia

  • e-nquest mote

    A sensor system based on the latest mobile technology, for the management of anonymized statistical information on rooms, behaviours and flows of people. Aimed at busy events, shopping centres and commercial areas, business environments, urban areas, etc. Endless possibilities of indoor/outdoor application in real time.

  • Smart Water: Saving Water and CO₂ Emissions₂-emissions

    SmartWater brings efficiency and savings in the use of hot water in sports facilities, reducing energy consumption, water consumption and CO₂ emissions.

  • IDI

  • Smart Water Torrent

  • LeapCraft

  • Contact

  • Kranj

    Kranj is the third largest Slovenian city. It is the economic, trade, transport, educational and cultural capital of Upper Carniola, lying on the crossroads of important traffic routes that run from Northern Europe towards the Adriatic and from Western Europe towards the East.