Slovenj Gradec “City of peace and culture, where tradition meets the future.”

Slovenj Gradec MO Slovenj Gradec

The Municipality of Slovenj Gradec considers the following prospects for development in the field of smart cities:

  • Monitoring air quality - we are primarily interested in measuring pesticides, as we are close to hops felds. We would also like to measure other air quality factors as we are located in the basin and air could get polluted quickly, also we want to highlight our natural resources as our strengths in tourism.
  • Smart lighting - we would like to reduce the cost of communal lighting. The situation as it is now causes high costs of electricity, which is nowadays unnecessary as there are better solutions.
  • Traffic - like all cities, we also face parking problems - so we want to offer citizens a different stationary traffic solutions, immediately upon entering the city - sectional speed measurement - we want to calm traffic on several sections with smart speed measurement.
  • Measurement of water consumption in households - smart reading of water consumption meters
  • Measurements of the data of running water (rivers, streams) - we live in a flood area, so we would like smart solutions to be informed of the danger of river overflow or high water level.

Slovenj Gradec is a member city and Secretary-General of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities of the United Nations Organization.