Validated by Tech4Good

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Validating mechanism

A panel of experts has reviewed the solutions on the platform against a set of criteria, thereafter awarding successful solutions with the “Validated by Tech4Good” badge. The panel will bring expertise in technology, sustainability, social impact, and the proximity economy. Their role is to independently evaluate solutions on the platform using the evaluation criteria set out below.

  • Technology - the readiness, and reliability of the technology involved.
  • Social Impact - the potential for the solution to bring positive societal consequences.
  • Sustainable Development - alignment of the solution with the UN Sustainable Development goals.
  • Proximity Economy - the possibility for the solution to enhance the proximity economy.
  • Transferability - the possibility for the solution to be implemented in another city of community.

Our experts

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Alex is CEO and Founder of Urban Data Collective, a UK start-up working at the forefront of the urban data economy with the mission to democratise access to real time urban data so others can create better urban futures. He previously worked for global technology companies such as Ericsson and Intel Labs and national innovation centres such as the Digital Catapult. For nearly two decades, Alex has been actively contributing to data sharing initiatives and the Internet of Things and how they can be applied to the context of smarter cities and regions. He has been part of some of the leading European smart city programmes such as Smart Santander, OrganiCity and SynchroniCity. Alex is currently a thematic expert on urban data in intelligent cities programmes and has published many peer-reviewed publications in the field. 

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Vincent is the coordinator and co-founder of a regional Digital Innovation Hub in the north of France with the mission to contribute to the development of innovative ecosystems to support the digital transformation within companies, cities and communities. His entrepreneurial background brings straightforward and impact driven support to local and global communities of stakeholders involved in the field of internet of things, digital twins, data spaces and digital innovation with a design thinking approach. 

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Erik is a Research Valorisation Director, a member of the technical committee and/or organizing committee of several high level journals and conferences and an experienced reviewer for journal & conference publications. His focus lies on projects with a positive and lasting impact on Society and "Spaceship Earth" as a whole! #SustainableDevelopmentGoals ...  Ethical and sustainable AI, (Linked) Open Data, Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence are a few of his specialties. 

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Thimo is a computer scientist from Belgium with a special affinity for everything open. He's a long term member and driving force behind Open Knowledge Belgium and helped shape the open data programme in the City of Ghent and throughout Flanders. His technical focus is mainly on interoperability, specifically through linked data. Professionally, he is now active as business liaison for District09, the ICT Agency of the City of Ghent. 

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Yves has over 20 years of experience as business coach and mentoring on business strategies, digital transformation and supply and demand modeling. He is a provider of investment readiness services for radical innovation teams and Tech for Good, smart cities, energy efficiency, decarbonised mobility projects and a facilitator in Design Thinking and System Thinking.