A Comprehensive On-Street Parking Guidance System

Image provided by Cleverciti

To provide drivers with a reliable overview of available parking spaces, 89 Cleverciti Sensors were installed by RheinEnergie under the supervision of Cleverciti, providing accurate real-time information on the number, location, and direction of free spaces based on AI and deep learning algorithms. The information is relayed to 27 Cleverciti Circ® LED guidance displays located at each relevant intersection, helping to guide drivers to the most convenient parking spaces.

Approximately 800 outdoor parking spaces are available to the many inhabitants and visitors of one of Cologne’s liveliest districts, Nippes. Like other big cities, Cologne is suffering from high CO2 emissions that regularly exceed EU norms. Up to 52% of those emissions are caused by inner-city traffic. According to researchers, parking search traffic makes up about 30% of traffic emissions—emissions the city intends to reduce by 50% by 2030 as part of the Smart City Cologne project.

With the newly installed guidance displays, drivers can now avoid searching for available parking for extended periods of time, improving their overall experience and reducing vehicle emissions. Prior to the installation of the Cleverciti solution, the occupancy rate was at 88% between 10 am and 6 pm on weekdays. This result was based on the measurement of 10,000 parking spaces/events. After the Cleverciti guidance system had been deployed, the parking capacity usage increased by nearly 8% to 96%.

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