Smart Waste & Recycling Solutions

HC5 Triple Times Square NYC Wraps
Image provided by Bigbelly

Bigbelly High Capacity Waste & Recycling Compactor - The World-Leading Solar-Powered Smart Waste Compactor. Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions for public spaces. It is a proven solution that is deployed in all 50 states and in over 50 countries around the world.

Suite of Smart, Connected Waste & Recycling Stations to Match the Unique Needs of Your Public Spaces

Each Bigbelly deployment is comprised of a customized fleet of smart waste & recycling stations. Stations can be configured as standalone single stations or as multi-stream double or triple stations to accommodate each community’s or facility’s waste stream collections. Each station is customized based on capacity, waste stream, and accessories/options. The full suite of smart stations are field-proven to be durable and street-tough across all environmental conditions.

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HC5 Exclusive Features

  • HandGuard Hopper Safety System
  • Patented Energy Management
  • Safety
  • Hands-Free Foot Pedal
  • Compactor Performance
  • Street Tough
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HC5 Options & Accessories

  • Cloud-driven, integrated access control system
  • Bigbelly Access Control System
  • Lock your HC Hopper wherever you are
  • Remote Hopper Lock
  • Secure your fleet during special events
  • Security Management System
  • your Bigbelly becomes a work of art
  • Custom Station Wraps
  • Place your message on your Bigbelly fleet
  • Side Message Panel
  • Ergonomic, safe, compact, & versatile
  • Telescoping Lift Bin
  • Encourage proper disposal of cigarettes
HC5 Single Waste Black Msg Panel Foot Pedal Gen2
  • Ash Tray & Stub-Out Plate
  • Who says trash can't smell like roses?
  • Odor Mask
  • Plug in your Bigbelly indoors or outdoors
  • AC Power
  • Supercharge your stations as a Hosting Platform
  • CorePlus Module
  • Your Bigbelly fleet, like new!
  • Refresh Package