Szombathely “Bring the City of Tomorrow to the Reality of Today”

Main square

Szombathely city is able to provide a quality environment for its residents and businesses as a regional organizing entity. Competitiveness and modern city life are achieved by partnership and open communication. These are our core values.

Living standard

Szombathely is the happiest city in Hungary, based on multiple national research. Natural beauty - parks, proximity of Alps, thermal spas - is completed with close to full employment and vivid cultural life.


2.5 billion € is the total economic output. 91% is from the manufacturing industry, where the largest employers are from the automotive industry. 300 hectares of industrial park infrastructure is supported by presence of 3 universities.

Future Goals and Interests

Over 1.000 inhabitants contributed to the development of Szombathely2030 programme, aiming to attract health-industry into the city. Research labs, medical engineering education, FDI promotion will accomodate supporting ecosystem.