Velika Gorica “Biggest city in Zagreb county”

GVG 1 Gordana Mikulčić Krnjaja
Image provided by the City of Velika Gorica

Velika Gorica is the 6th largest city in Croatia. It is situated in the center of Croatia, 20 km from Zagreb, and it is of strategic importance due to the fact that the national airport is on its territory. City is surrounded by meadows and forests. There are many remained old wooden beauties, such as wooden houses and churches, made of Oak wood.

The area of ​​the city is also rich in groundwater, and there are many lakes in the surrounding area, since Velika Gorica lies on a big amount of gravel. Today there are 4 lakes formed by gravel extraction and several smaller ponds in city area.

Jezero Čiče Gordana Mikulčić Krnjaja
Jezero Čiče - Image provided by the City of Velika Gorica

Velika Gorica is very well known in Croatia for its well-managed waste management system and its clear vision of the future direction towards improving air quality and preserving drinking water. The city is a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and, among other things, has adopted all the necessary documents to achieve the goals of the Covenant of Mayors, as well as legislation aimed at decarbonisation and clean air. Which is cities main goal.