Kranj “Kranj - The Capital of Slovenian Alps”

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Photo provided by the city of Kranj

Kranj is the third largest Slovenian city. It is the economic, trade, transport, educational and cultural capital of Upper Carniola, lying on the crossroads of important traffic routes that run from Northern Europe towards the Adriatic and from Western Europe towards the East.

The city of Kranj has always enjoyed profile as a strong industrial town. Unfortunately, a lot of distinguishable large companies had to shut down their plants throughout the history. Nevertheless, some successful high-tech firms have developed in Kranj in recent years, such as IskraTel, Iskraemeco, 3Fs, placing the city on both Slovenian and international economic map as well.

Already in the Sustainable Urban Strategy until 2030, the city of Kranj set out a goal of becoming also an innovative city providing a business-friendly environment to companies.

One of Kranj’s priority strategic objectives is to become a smart and digital city. With smart solutions, the city aims at the improvement of the quality of life both of its local people and visitors. Furthermore, the city strives towards reducing environmental impacts. The main aspects are especially sustainable mobility, the digitalisation of the neighbourhoods and city services (for instance 'city urban app').

The city of Kranj is joining the 100 ICC as a consortium led by the Municipality of Ljubljana.