Resources for NBS replication and up-scaling

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The Resources for Nature-Based Solutions Replication and Up-scaling is a solution that has been developed by the city of Castelló in the UNaLab Project.

It is a repository that includes examples of different solutions in order to support the reproduction and upgrading of the nature-based solutions. Castelló is a 'follower' city in the UNaLab project since 2017 and explores innovative nature-based urban solutions based on experiences in living lab demonstration areas being implemented in the three UNaLab core cities of Tampere, Eindhoven and Genoa.

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These resources are available in the website for those cities interested in implementing NBS in their urban plan. All the solutions have either been developed by the UNaLab project or have received contributions from the project and its partners. The most important ones are: The Handbook for Practitioners, which is a comprehensive NBS impact assessment framework that aims to provide a set of indicators and methodologies to help evaluate the impact of possible NBS solutions.Another example of a solution is the Set of Inspiration Cards which consists of five sets of inspiration cards, available in English and Spanish, which aim to spark new ideas and enrich discussions within cities looking to adopt nature-based solutions, by presenting insights from the work and findings in the project. The cards can support the planning process by providing scientific knowledge on the topics of NBS, value creation, governance actions, financing options, and co-creation.

There is also the Public Procurement of Nature Based Solutions a document composed of case studies and recommendations. This report provides an overview of the major challenges facing NBS procurers in the EU. The findings may help other public authorities adapt their procurement processes to procure NBS more effectively.