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Picture provided by the City of Karlskrona

Karlskrona, a city spread over 30 islands, is one of Sweden’s hidden gems. Karlskrona is Sweden’s only baroque city, some parts of the city are protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Karlskrona has a long naval history, and is the home to the present headquarters of the Swedish coastguards. If you want to learn more about the history of the Swedish Navy the Naval Museum is the place to be. If museums are not your cup of tea you can explore the beautiful nature settings the city has to offer. Tourists and habitants of the city can experience the sunrise between the trees in the woods or go for an early morning swim. Each year inhabitants can stroll around the Lövmarknaden (The Leaf Fair) or they can enjoy a relaxing evening in the harbor of Karlskrona during Skärgårdsfesten, (The Archipelago Festival.


Karlskrona offers high end technology jobs, with the latest innovations and international companies such as SAAB, Telenor and Ericsson. The university BTH is well known for its unique education within technology and attracts students from all over the world.

Interests & Future Goals

Karlskrona started its journey to Smart City many years ago. Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and Karlskrona have deepened their cooperation in strategic areas to contribute to more sustainable development. In-depth collaboration in BTH’s research areas of sustainable development, transport and infrastructure, digitalization, spatial planning, innovations, and health and care. Karlskrona houses the Blue Science Park where industry meets public needs and research. They opened two new test beds: the Blue Digital Testbed and the Blue eHealth Testbed. The testbeds will be used to provide smart solutions for the city.

Karlskrona is one of the world leading development environments for IT and telecom. The city has around fifty companies that develop mobile solutions and wireless services. Many of them are leaders in their niche. Like Ericsson, Telenor, City network, CGI, and True sec.

Karlskrona has several projects that are currently being put in place. One of them is a digital twin, urban planning where 3D- model vision of planning proposals and digital services are used to increase citizens’ participation in the long-term use of land and water. Another project is Karlskrona’s commitment to AI Innovation of Sweden, a national center for AI related research, innovation, and education. Karlskrona is also looking into creating an interactive and digital platform for global trend analysis based on five global driving forces that affect Sweden’s municipalities: globalisation, demographics, climate change, technology and values. Karlskrona also develop a city data platform to share and exchange data with the ecosystem. This work tangent the national project City as a platform that involves 18 municipalities in Sweden that will explore, test, implement and collaborate on open IoT platforms to support community benefits in the cities. The project are managed nationally and propose a national management model of a minimum framework for data platforms, including relevant standards and data models.