Urban air quality monitoring & management

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Breeze Technologies is an industry leader in air quality sensor, data and analytics.

Breeze Technologies Citizen Portal for Air Quality

The German based company pushes the limits of environmental sensor development and supports organisations to create better clean air action plans with the power of the internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Breeze Technologies Environmental Intelligence Cloud

Small-scale air quality sensors can measure common pollutants like carbon and nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter and many more.

Breeze Technologies Outdoor Sensor
Breeze Technologies Indoor Sensor

A competitive price point allows for new applications like smart air quality management in office buildings or large-scale environmental sensing in urban environments.

Breeze Technologies Sensor on Streelight

Using internet of things and artificial intelligence, these sensors help manage air quality short-term, as an early warning system, but also mid- and long-term, if plans for the improvement of air quality shall be implemented.

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