Smart City Dataplatform

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In order to realise our Smart City goals Leuven, together with the cities Brugge and Roeselare has built a Smart City Data Platform that receives, stores, transforms and publishes (real-time) data streams in order to enable data-driven policy making, actuate solutions in smart city projects and feed Digital Twins for simulation and prediction purposes.

We built an affordable, scalable, and innovative Smart City Data Platform by working together between cities and at the same time enabling Smart City projects and setting the benchmark in Flanders. Through this co-operation and co-creation, knowledge and costs can be shared. We defined a standard, future-proof and scalable data platform that makes it possible to onboard and store historical and real-time data which can be transformed and made accessible again as standardised data streams. It supports open standards (a.o. NGSI-LD) and interoperability (a.o. OASC) and provides an ecosystem within the quadruple helix.