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Inclusive, digital-twin-based solutions to bolster goods road transport sustainability, efficiency, and resilience and accelerate its social, green, and digital transitions.

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The solutions enable authorities and businesses the transparent, low-cost, risk-free evaluation, implementation, and day-to-day management of innovative and sustainable urban distribution models, and low emissions zones impact, and to respond to any “what-if” scenarios, involving all stakeholders, publicly sharing all data and results.

Sustainable city logistics best practice statistics

The solutions are implemented since October 2021 in Madrid’s largest Low Emissions Zone, a five square kilometer area with >150.000 permanent residents, visited by >20.000 tourists daily. They were named European Sustainable City Logistics Best Practice by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology for reaching up to a 30% reduction in congestion and emissions, and up to 25% reduction in transport and delivery costs of current vehicles.