Building Operating System

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Intelligent Management of tertiary buildings, targeted at facility and property managers of office and retail buildings.

Building Operating System (BOS) is a software platform that makes the link between the equipment of a building and the applications that will be used by building managers and building occupants. The BOS centralizes data from different sources: building management systems, GTC, lighting, HVAC, Sigfox & LoRa IoT sensors, 4G controller, etc. to unify and enrich them in a single repository.

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How does a BOS work?

The acquired data is then structured and sent in the correct format to any application that needs it. It is thus possible to deploy applications that meet the needs of operation, maintenance and use, without modifying the existing local infrastructure.

The Sensinov solution: BOS Sensinov + integrated Hypervision portal includes a BOS as well as a Hypervisor which allows you to: visualize, control and automate the management of your buildings.

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