Smart Irrigation System

HOPU Irrigation
Image provided by HOPU

The Smart Irrigation Management System for Parks and Gardens enables an autonomous and real-time management of water resources in urban green spaces. This system offers a robust and integrated solution, which allows cities to efficiently manage irrigation based on accurate and real-time data and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Therefore, the solution configures irrigation in a sustainable way according to the needs of each park and garden, which implies a reduction in water consumption and a substantial improvement of urban green spaces.

The Smart Irrigation System consists of:

  • Electrovalves control
  • Water meter and leaks detector
  • Weather stations
  • Soil moisture: temperature, humidity and Electrical Conductivity (EC).
  • Irrigation management calendar

The Smart Irrigation System, as a solution that allows remote and agile management of water resources in parks and gardens, is controlled through irrigation scheduling calendars, which are fully compatible with the FIWARE platform ecosystem. It includes and intuitive management interface which offers a holistic view and control of the deployed irrigation components by means of the following functionalities: Irrigation system

  • User profile management
  • Visualization of gardens and parks in maps
  • Creation of different irrigation scheduling calendars
  • Edition and management of irrigation programmes
  • Add exceptions to irrigation scheduling models
  • Identification of irrigation system components
  • Real-time leak detection
  • Configuration of automatic alerts and notifications