Air Quality Monitoring and Data Visualization

HOPU Smart Spot
Image provided by HOPU

HOPU manufactures IoT-based environmental monitoring devices called Smart Spots, which allow monitoring of air pollution, noise & flow/density of people. It measures gases such as NO, NO2, H2S, SO2, CO, CO2, and O3 in specific areas and in real-time; detect toxic substances such as alcohol and volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and particulate matter (PM) to identify specific nanoparticles such as dust (PM10), pollens (PM10-PM40), pollutants (PM2.5), and viruses (<PM1).


Smart Spot offers high-quality data-based solutions thanks to its sophisticated laboratory; which calibrates and certifies every sold device. The accuracy of the sensor measurements is improved in the laboratory by reducing the effect of cross-sensitivity, fatigue compensation and machine learning techniques. In addition, blockchain is used for continuous assessment of the maintenance to provide data with more than 90% of accuracy.

Dispositivo HOPU desplegado en Cartagena