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Digital Transformation Programme Management, Collaboration and Communication tool. The solution is multilingual as prompts can be made to appear in the language set by the user.

The solution is an enabling tool for managing a set of Digital Transformation Programmes and suites of innovation projects for a City, Region or network of these in an optimal, efficient and structured way.

The platform supports management of Digital Transformation priorities and action plans. It provides a dashboard for each project and allows definition of projects in terms of objectives, outputs, operational team, progress reporting and progress tracking. The good practices and services created by a project are documented with it. It has a rich set of features for consultation with project teams and projects ecosystems via online forum.

Teamworker’s events management functionality makes management of workshops, meetings or conferences much less time-consuming. Communications are also well supported both within a project team and to the wider stakeholder. It supports issue of meeting minutes to groups. Teamworker can provide an attractive website for each project and allows publication of project news items, events, good practices, services on the web.