Let's Improve Maribor - Izboljšajmo Maribor

Izboljsajmo mb pic Tadej Kurent

"Izboljšajmo Maribor - Let's Improve Maribor" is an interactive web service for submitting initiaitves and issues to the Municipality of Maribor. Its purpose is to facilitate citizens' contact with the local community.

With the help of modern technology a system was created that enables simple submission of initiatives and issues relating to life in the Municipality of Maribor.

Users can access the service with a mobile app through tablet or smartphone. The service is also available at the web address: izboljsajmo.maribor.si, and is accessible on two mobile platforms: iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). It is available to everyone without log in. The system requires a user log in if the user wishes to submit an initiative, an issue or whether to vote.

Service was established within the EU project UPSIDE (7th Framework Programme).

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Relevant challenges

The web service provides simple yet efficient service for citizens to contact the city administration which was a bit overlooked in the past. It addresses the challenges of enhancing citizen participation, connectivity and community.