Participa a Terrassa

Participa a Terrassa banner

In order to promote citizen participation in an open and transparent way, as well as to involve citizens and the different social agents, Terrassa City Council launched the platform Participa a Terrassa (Participate in Terrassa).

The platform is managed by the City Council's Servei de Qualitat Democràtica (Democratic Quality Service), in collaboration with the Technology and Information Systems Service.

“Let's build a more open, transparent and collaborative city.”

Participa a Terrassa ( is the online tool for citizen participation that Terrassa City Council has made available to citizens and organisations so that they can participate and get involved in the joint construction of the city, in an open, transparent and collaborative way.

It promotes the improvement of the democratic quality of life in the city as a whole, the definition and design of public policies and municipal actions, as well as the assessment, information, discussion, prioritisation and decision on public policies and actions.

The platform aims to promote citizen participation and direct, deliberative and participatory democracy in the city through the different processes, spaces and participation bodies, generating forms of direct and open interaction between the City Council, the citizens and the different social agents of the city.

The platform allows the possibility of registering citizens, entities and groups. Participants can access and browse the platform freely and anonymously. Only when they want to carry out an action that involves creating, supporting or commenting on a proposal or participating in a debate will they need to register beforehand.

To participate in certain processes, it will be necessary to verify the user's residence in the municipality of Terrassa (by entering the ID card and date of birth, which will be checked against the population register).

The platform shall guarantee equal opportunities for all persons, as well as for their proposals or other contributions that it may receive. The platform will offer the same starting opportunities for all participatory objects (proposals, debates...) to be seen, discussed, commented, valued or treated, without discrimination of any kind. In this sense, the digital identity of users will always be personal and non-transferable.

In order to guarantee the democratic quality of the platform, the use of quality indicators based on the processes and participation mechanisms, as well as the activity of the platform's users, will be encouraged. The sharing of the configuration of the different components, as well as the open data for the definition of these indicators, will also be encouraged.

Participa a Terrassa aims to promote citizen deliberation and debate, transparency and traceability of participation (in no case of users), and the generation of spaces for face-to-face and digital participation.