Celje “knežje mesto”

DJI 0232 Alja Tihle Hren

With a population of 50,000, Celje is Slovenia's third largest city. It is a major business, educational, cultural, and healthcare hub of the Savinja region.

Appreciating its magnificent history which includes the rule of the Counts of Celje, the city today is proud of its artists, top athletes, its tradeshows and fairs, enterprises with long-standing tradition, talented youth, carefully cultivated green areas, and environmental investments.

New cycling paths are being built across the city: by 2021, 44 new sections and 30 km of new cycling paths will have been added to the road network. The city also participates in a larger project of regional cycling paths network, which will connect Celje to the neighbouring municipalities.

New Cycling Paths Celje Alja Tihle Hren copy

Another important project has just finished: the northern connecting road between two larger settlements in Celje, which is a long-awaited and much anticipated improvement of the traffic conditions in that city area. It is especially important because of a new residential neighbourhood of six multi-apartment buildings, 142 apartments and a garage, which are currently in construction there.

Tehnopark Celje

In September 2020, the Municipality of Celje opened the largest and unique fun-and–science park in Slovenia — Tehnopark Celje. On more than 50 stations, its visitors can explore and learn about science, humanity, space, and much more. Alongside the new residential neighbourhood, it is one of the most important projects of the 2014—2020 financial perspective.

In the future, Celje wants to continue the outlined path and become a city of smart solutions. A big step towards this was made a few years ago with the city cemetery interactive board. Furthermore, the bike sharing scheme is based on an application for smartphones, bus stations have e-ink displays that show the exact arrivals of buses with the help of location keys. Established was also a modern geographical information portal prostor.celje.si.

The Mobility Management project of the Municipality of Celje will bring solutions for monitoring the number of vehicles in car parks, signposts for directing traffic flows to free parking lots, an electronic parking-fee system and a universal card or application for city services. The application will initially enable the rental of bicycles, the payment of bus tickets and the payment of parking fees; in the coming years, the range of functionalities will be further expanded.

Celje is a city proud of its history; it takes great care of the rich cultural heritage from the Roman and medieval times. At the same time, it is focused on the present and future to ensure a healthy, sustainable, modern, and prosperous living environment.