Smart Water: Saving Water and CO₂ Emissions

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SmartWater brings efficiency and savings in the use of hot water in sports facilities, reducing energy consumption, water consumption and CO₂ emissions.

SMARTWATER is a system designed mainly to save water, while increasing comfort. It is usual that when there is a demand for hot water at a point of consumption, it is not at the desired temperature, the flow of water being necessary for a time until the hot water produced by the DHW generator (water heater) arrives. gas or electric heater). The SMARTWATER system accumulates water that is not at the appropriate temperature in an expansion vessel for later use when cold water is required at the point of consumption, and notifying the user when hot water is already available at the point of consumption. consumption.

The municipal sports facilities are visited daily by hundreds of people, and many of them use the showers. Those hundreds of uses, during a year, represent an unacceptable waste of cold water, especially in our territory, where water is such a precious commodity. In addition, this system aims to instill among users the value of correctly managing our water resources.

The water that the city consumes passes after its use through purification plants that treat and clean it for new consumption. By reducing the water that reaches the drains, we help the environmental maintenance of the territory.

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SmartWater reduces water consumption in municipal facilities. It also serves to educate citizens on the importance of efficient consumption of natural resources, and especially water.

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